Finally, it's my turn~

Yes, I've developed an aversion to quilting.
There's also an aversion to vegetables, the scent of beef cooking,
onions, garlic, and fried food.
and an aversion to my husband after he has eaten any of the above items.

But there are also cravings, like red jello with raspberries and
pickled plums in onigiri, Dakos, kiwis, limeade, Chef Boyardee
ravioli, and Kraft Mac & Cheese.

You guessed it,
Finally I'm pregnant.

Due mid October, I think I'll put the ticker in my sidebar so you can
follow along for the ride.

The quilting aversion may not be due entirely to the pregnancy
though, we also got other monumental news around the same time..
Costas was offered a better job for the next school year, so we're

to Long Island.

So not only do I get to deal with fatigue, morning sickness, my full
time job and grad school, but I have to pack and clean the house on
top of everything. Packing up my clothes was pretty easy-- nothing
is going to fit me again til the fall anyway. Being unable to quilt
made it easier to pack my fabric too. Costas is being a real champ
though, not only is he being an ultra sweet & pampering expectant
father, but I'm not allowed to lift anything, so he's carrying all
the boxes to storage as well.

See, a million things I told you. all at once. I'll get through it
somehow. Once I quit my job it will be easier to take life one
stitch at a time. Right now I'd like to stitch myself some better-
fitting maternity clothes though.. (just kidding)


Danetta said...

Congratulations on your new baby and all the other new things you will have in your life.


Hope you have enough pickled plums to make your stomach happy... Congratulations on the baby, Jessica!
Good luck the morning sickness will be forgotten soon!

amandajean said...

congrats on your big news! all of it! best of luck to all of you as you go through all these changes.

dineke said...

Congratulations on your prengancy. Such a nice, big change in your life.

The Calico Cat said...

Oh no, I better not get that aversion...

two young sheep asleep silently said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY so funny i was thinking of you last night!!! this must have been the reason. I knew there was a reason to call and say hi but i never expected such exciting news!!!!!! jeshika i am so excited for you!!!!!!!! i can barely contain myself!!!!! yayayayayayayay love you so much, Lexi

Sarah Jayne said...


Little Pods Clothing said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy!! I lived my whole life on Long Island, I lived in Levittown :)

Terra said...

I know you don't know me, but I have been reading Posie Gets Cozy's blog for a while and was looking at her must read book list from her followers, when I came upon your choices. I had read the first two books you listed- time traveler's wife and the virgin blue and loved them, so I amazon'd your other picks. A couple I have been meaning to read and some other great suggestions. I'm an avid reader and they have been added to my list, so thanks for the inspiration.
Terra- check out my blog www.sewwright.blogspot.com
I like to sew too, but not into quilting right now.
P.S. congrats on the preg status

Anonymous said...

Yea! Congrats on the cravings and aversions!!! Very happy for you...a time of wonderful wonderings...enjoy.
Peggy E.

Jennifer said...


carolyn said...

woah! congratulations dude!!! :)

SuzyQSparkles said...

Hip, hip, hooray!
So many blessings are coming your way.

You may want to save out the fabrics for any baby quilts you're wanting to make... by the time you get "settled in" you will likely be too big to comfortably sew!

Canada Dry Gingerale
Saltine Crackers

All natural ways to settle a stomach. I kept a sleeve of crackers and a small (10oz?) bottle of gingerale by my bed all through the pregnancy... take a few bites BEFORE SITTING UP. Once your tummy gets woozy, it's all over! :P


SuzyQSparkles said...

Oh! And Peppermint too. Another tummy soother. I like to keepsome Peppermint essential oil in a small vial with me. Just a sniff can help! You could also use peppermint hard candy / gum in a pinch! :D

KathieB said...

Wow! Congratulations on your big baby news. And a move too? There's never THE perfect time to have a baby, but you will absorb the bounces and knocks along the way and all will be well. Hope the attendant jumpy stomach AND the quilting aversion pass quickly!

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