My sister Lauren is visiting this week and today I followed the recipe she learned in kindergarten for apple pancakes. Delicious.
We're headed out for a New Hampshire adventure this afternoon, wish us luck~

I've been stitching up a storm and made tremendous progress on Travel Quilt #2. So much that my left thumb has started hurting.. I am obsessed with the project and don't want to stop, but I know I should give it time to rest... when should I worry that I've done serious damage?


Sean Witry said...

Hey Jessica. I didn't know that you were a quilter. One of my aunts on my dad's side quilts. Hope the New Hampshire trip goes.

Your cousin,

PJ said...

Enjoy your trip! Your wall is the same color as my desk wall and my daughter has the same mug!

carolyn said...

those pancakes look delish!!!

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