A MorsBag and other cool sacks for snacks

Did I mention that Amanda is a raw foodist?
So when she goes places, she usually has to bring food with her in case people (like my carnivorous husband) do not know what to do with her ideas about food. I do my best to support her though, and when she comes to visit I try to give her lots of options of things to eat. I'm not as cool as her boyfriend who makes faux carrot cake and raviolli, but I think we did ok.
I thought she needed a pouch to carry food as she travels, and then I thought it would be a good idea to also try out the Morsbag pattern that I've had on my list of things to make.

Yesterday we attacked the morsbag pattern in a happy orange print & nice hand-dyed yellow:

This morning we whipped up a big snack bag for her & a smaller one for me.

Overall I like the Morsbag pattern but if I do more I'll definitely use thicker (non-quilting) material. I like a squared off bottom too. It was my first time doing French seams though, and I like them a lot, but need more practice to avoid all the little edge threads poking through. After lunch I have to take Amanda to the bus terminal, but it was so nice having her here, especially since she was in such a crafty mood. I had wanted to make kinchaku pouches for a while but was so focused on stitching little diamond stars.. glad I took a break from them for the weekend.


hunnybunny said...

Thanks for posting that link. I really need to get off my butt and make some bags for shopping. The ones you made look fabulous. So this might be a silly question but how do you dye your fabric?

Anonymous said...

Love the fabrics and the bag idea. What are french seams?
I like to use curtain fabrics for some of my projects. They already have backing on them and would be great for this type of idea.

Jessica said...

comments were answered individually via email, but in case you're wondering, here are the answers to the questions:
1) the hand-dyed fabric was store bought, not dyed by me~
2) please read more about French seams here

thanks for the comments!

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