Placemat Challenge

I just got home from our guild meeting and Hollie introduced the "Placemat Challenge" which will be our next charity project.
They made up kits of novelty prints and a sheet of directions and asked everyone to make 14"x18" placemats by our meeting next month. We are hoping to have 320 to donate to the local Meals on Wheels program. It sounded like a nice project but didn't really peak my interest until I came across Belem's post here. Her simple placemat with good color placement, fabric choices, and smooth quilting really inspired me.

A quick search on flickr brought up these other amazing ideas:
amandasan's first
and her second
Pictures by Ann has a nice landscaped one,
this one by Kalurah is simple and elegant as well.

Hmm. Can't believe the long weekend is over already. must make time to sew more...


Anonymous said...

I came from Hand Quilters webring. I was just thinking about making placemats by using my stash. These quilters' design for the placemat are so beautiful!
I also like your "kinchaku". That reminds me of my mom's kinchaku for my daughter too!
See ya!!

Belém said...

Thanks for linking my blog here. I am glad you liked my placemat.

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