Christmas Presents~~

Christmas break is going well, I'm spending lots of time with family but not much time online. I did make plans to hang out with Carolyn next week (yay), hope that works out. The family totally loved their quilts, which made me really happy. The first photo is me and Lori, then mom and dad with mom's quilt:
And mom & dad with dad's quilt. I want to get "real" blog-type photos at some point, but I haven't had the chance just yet. I was working on mom's quilt until the very last minute-- sewing the binding on at grandma's across the street. My left thumb is really sore, but I can't stop sewing, you know me.
I got a very unexpected present on Christmas eve from my cousin Emy. She put together a vintage box of tons of fabric scraps from our great grandmother's collection, with pieces from her stash as well. It's awesome. If I have time in the new year I'd like to make a scrap quilt with all my vintage cottons... quite a project, and I'll really have to commit myself to it because if I cut them up and then never finish I'll be heartbroken.
ahhh.. It has been tough going through the holidays without Theresa, especially the big family parties. Lori has been a great support though.
Hope all went well for everyone out there in blogland. I am terribly behind in reading my bloglines but hope to catch up soon.


Zegi said...

What great gifts!

PJ said...

WHAT TREASURES!!!! Your quilts look AWESOME!!! Great work! Beautiful..

corry said...

Beautiful quilts Jessica! You worked soooo hard!

amandajean said...

love the quilts! especially the bento box one.

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

That was a nice celebration with quilts.,

Jaye said...

How nice of you to make quilts for your family for Christmas. What a lot of work!

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