November 23

Sorry for the silence this week. I've been staying away from the computer and instead spending some time enjoying my home. Our Thanksgiving feast turned out to be rather small this year, dinner for 6, including the 18 month old. Thankfully he ate his fair share. Somehow we managed to get the cleaning and prep work done in advance and the actual throwing the meal together part was much less stressful than last year. Aside from eating too much, we had a very pleasant evening.

Costas was crazy and decided to go shopping today, not even for Christmas presents too. I tried to warn him that it will be a mad house out there, but he didn't believe me. Hopefully he doesn't have too hard a time making it through the crowds. I plan to spend the rest of the weekend quilting, surprise surprise. Although I'm still calling it my travel quilt (#2), a heck of a lot of it is getting done at home. It is so satisfying to cut and piece all these little diamonds. Today I cut up some more scraps and then laid out all the pieces I didn't have 6 of:Tomorrow I've got an early morning dentist appointment (for the worst toothache I've ever had) and then the sit & sew at the Lions hall. It seemed like a lot of members were planning to attend, so let's see if that happens. I want to baste two small quilts, must remember to bring masking tape...

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Marisa said...

These diamonds are adorable. What are you making with them? Did I miss an earlier post? Anyhow...very pretty.

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