Dental woes

I started my day at the dentist-- I'll admit, I hadn't been in years (i've got plenty of excuses for why I didn't go, but I know you don't want to hear any of them, just like I don't need anyone else telling me I shouldn't have waited so long). All this week I've been having a horrible toothache and what was in the xrays was bad, but not worse than I expected. I need a root canal, among other things. The best part of the whole experience though, was not seeing my dental xrays on a computer screen in the exam room, but the fact that my new dentist is hot. He's young, probably around C's age, and just really cute, in an all-American sort of way. Somehow that made it easier to take the news and I'm not really dreading the 3 appointments I scheduled for December and January. Hmm.

After that I went to the sit 'n sew which was surprisingly well attended this time.

I spent 4 hours basting the little Travel Quilt #1. The diamonds in my last post are for Travel Quilt #2, which will have basically the same pattern, but instead of white blocks in between, they're a pale blue. I tried out my new little basting gun, but I don't know if I trust it yet, so I still basted with needle & thread too. It looks so much more like a quilt now. I put some quilting stitches into it when I got home and from the looks of it, I may have it done in no time. (fingers crossed).
Costas spent the day adding some improvements to our downstairs bathroom so now we have new towel racks and a beautiful bamboo vanity mirror. He's not the best handyman, but he does have a good sense of style.
Nothing much planned for the rest of the weekend, I want to do some machine piecing but this toothache is so distracting. I may opt for more diamonds instead.


Lexi said...

so pretty darling. i swear i see a face in the pink star that is near the bottom, just up and to the right of an orange star. you are so talented! I miss you,

Love you,


carolyn said...

quilt is looking gorgeous but i am also loving the idea behind the next one! (i was using light blue instead of a white or cream base for my ill-fated dear jane quilt)

corinne said...

what a work, but it is really lovely !

corry said...

So pretty! I love the way you made your border. I still didn't mine! Goodluck on finishing this quilt. And I hope your toothache is over now.

nora said...

Lovely! The colors are wonderful- and I adore the border fabric. Did you design this one yourself?

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