Sit and Sew

This is where we have our monthly Sit & Sews, the Lions club in Berkeley, MA. Berkeley seems like a quiet town and I really don't know much about it. The women who usually come to the sit and sew are long time residents though, so they always have a lot of local news to talk about.

I ended up working on Theresa's garden quilt and 5 hours of sewing went by in a flash. Once again the turn out was low (5 quilters sewing, and one stopping in to chat), but we had different people this month, so that was nice. Carol said we could reserve the room for November too, but it's the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I told her to go ahead because there seemed to be a few of us who would be interested. I'll bring this project again, but it's slow going. I only made 5 flowers today.

No word yet from Amanda, hope she's having fun in Boston. C is cleaning the house and I really should help him, but all I want to do is sew some more now. Thanks for the comments about my fabric addiction/collection. I'd love to hear how other people manage their stash and keep track of things. I'd also like to learn how to put the little measuring code into my sidebar to track how far along I am on certain projects. Can anyone help with that?

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