October 29

I have many nice things to show you, but no light to take good pictures, so once again they'll have to wait. Can't believe Nablopomo is starting on Thursday and i have no pictures!!! maybe i'll remember tomorrow morning and snap some shots before my 9am meeting.

Carolyn of GirlReaction has asked for some help with her a-ma-zing bright and happy friendship stars quilt so I've been thinking on that one for her. Must send her an email after dinner. Fantastic, isn't it, that the friendship star can bring people together and start friendships too?

My long armer called today and said the Comfort Star is going on the machine tonight. I should have it by the weekend if I'm lucky. I'm anxious but excited at the same time, I really want to know how it'll turn out..

So the guild is looking for people to do lectures/workshops on Sashiko and English paper piecing and I've been asked to do one (or both). I love helping out and who wouldn't love to spend more time talking about quilting, but I'm hesitant because I don't want to be the center of attention all the time. Already I did a demo on EQ5 and ran the first meeting of the year. I feel that there must be some guild members with more experience with these two techniques than I have and I don't like talking like an expert when I know I'm not. Some of these women have been quilting since before I was born, who am I to go in and teach them anything? Help, advice, suggestions please...

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carolyn said...

maybe if you know one of them is good at one of those techniques, you could ask them to co-teach a workshop with you? or suggest that they might want to do it?

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