September 29th

I have truly enjoying having M and S stay with us this weekend. Having them here has brought back a lot of memories, I woke up this morning next to C with the feeling that we weren't alone in the house, and outside of the bedroom M and S were sleeping or doing whatever, exactly like it used to be when I would stay over at their place in Worcester when I was still in college. And I thought about C and how things were when our relationship was new and fresh.. things that hadn't crossed my mind in a long time.. it was nice.

Today we drove up to check out the beantown jazz festival. It was nice but very crowded. Met up with 2 friends and went for coffee and had a big long discussion about democracy and greek politics/history. then the 4 of us went to dinner on Newbury St. and had another long discussion about innovation, technological adoption, and data collection. Of all the dinners I've sat through with economists, this was one of the most enjoyable. I do like these guys-- wish they lived closer.
When we got home I left them to watch TV and I came upstairs to play with fabric.. I am still working on layouts for the mile-a-minutes (pics soon, i promise) and I'm having fun working with nine-patch variations. Choosing to only use fabrics from my stash is pretty hard though.. I want to give these as gifts, but all of my fabric is stuff I like, and I'm not sure how the recipients will feel about it... I'll keep trying.


Peggy said...

Fun with old friends--it is so nice to reconnect. And, I agree it is nice to take time to remember the early stages of relationships. We sometimes get bogged down with life. Your post made me think (with smiles) of old friends, and those early years :).
I'm sure your "mile a minute" will be beautiful...

Marisa said...

I could make 1000 quilts from my stash if I had to...I think my next couple are going to have to be stash quilts simply because I need to make some space before I get any new fabric goodies. Anyhow, Jazz fest sounds fun, glad your weekend was nice too.

Violette said...

I am sure that whatever fabrics you pick outa your stash, the quilt will be loved by whoever receives it. Quilts are so cozy and comforting that anyone would love to have one, especially if the pattern and fabric was chosen for them by a dear friend.

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