September 26th

House guests are coming this weekend, old roommates of C's that I haven't spent time with in ages. The last time we were all together was that summer I moved into their apartment, before going to Hokkaido on JET in 2001. That was a cramped 6 weeks, but it was a lot of fun too. I don't yet know what C's got planned for the weekend, but I spent tonight cleaning the sewing room, turning it back into a guest room.
I did take the time to work on a few mile-a-minute blocks after the place was tidied up, being careful not to drop strings anywhere.. I've been really struggling with a layout for the blocks.. most are coming out pretty dark, an interesting mixture of deep purple & blue batiks, kaffe fasset yarn dyes, and vintage florals. The fabrics in my scrap bucket have come from everywhere.. I would like to alternate them with plain blocks of fabrics in my stash, but I still want them to look nice, not trashy-scrappy. Any suggestions? I've been browsing flickr and keep coming back to Kathie's a-ma-zing black sashed quilt but don't think my scrap-pieced blocks are as elegant as hers..
The photo is of the mums I got for my front steps. Ready for autumn, still dressing for summer.

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corry said...

I can't wait to see your blocks! I personal believe that you can't go wrong on the "miles a minute" as long as you use fabrics you really like!

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