September 22nd

Two things in African Kelli's post resonated very true with me and with how I'm feeling,
1) appreciating how beneficial recharging your batteries can be. and
2) knowing that hand crafts can have a meditative and spiritual quality.
I got a comment on my last post that struck a chord. I'll admit that I'm emotionally fragile right now so perhaps I'm more hurt and defensive than I should be, but after reading my last post again, I suppose I could have been more clear.
There was a woman in my Atlanta guild who used to say that quilting was cheaper than therapy. We'd all laugh and agree with her, but now, as I question myself daily over whether or not I should see a therapist to deal with life/grief, I believe her more and more. I know what I need, and I'm pretty sure my therapist would tell me to do exactly what I'm doing. There is a lot of talk on how important "balance" is in life. I believe it is immensely important and know how much better I feel when I am leading a balanced life. Lately when I feel "imbalanced" I usually need one of two things-- reiki or quilting. As I am still quite new to reiki, it is easier to get quilting on short notice. It's really about energy I guess, creative energy, healing energy. The energy needs to move because if it doesn't I feel "stuck." Even after sewing today I still feel a little stuck-- the energy in the house is unbalanced because of our argument. The energy that comes when creative people are gathered to share their craft is very soothing. It's similar (for me) to the energy that flows through a good church service. I am not ready to discuss religion in this blog, but I could go on talking like this for a while because we're getting to the core of my beliefs..
Instead, I'll tell you that it took a very long time to get these two flowers together, and I'm not exactly sure if the end result will look anything like the lovely EQ5 quilt in my last post. I don't really like piecing blocks, I'm more the applique type I suppose. I do not like half-square triangles, but this is all a challenge I'm setting up for myself. Something to focus on, to work through, as I work through so many other things.
The positive comments on my last post really helped ladies. Thank you.


PJ said...

Very well said.. the balance of energy is very powerful and each and every situation is different- whether it's major or the smallest thing. At this time you must do what feels best while you grieve...it's needed. Your quilt pattern is very pretty -as well as the color choices!

carolyn said...

these flowers do look a little pain-in-the-butt-y, but the end result is really pretty!!!

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