the comfort of friends

I'm still walking around in a daze a lot of the time, but I'm lucky to have good friends who take every chance they get to cheer me up.

The owls above were made by my co-worker's grandmother in Hiroshima. I found them on my desk one morning last week. 2 of them came home with me, 3 are still on my keyboard, and most of the others have found homes with other friends or co-workers.

Mid week we hung out in Mayu's hot-tub for a few hours before going for drinks.

Last weekend Makiba took me out to the Southend Open Market and it was pretty damn cool. Along with 3 nice pairs of earrings, I also picked up a ton of quilting stuff from one of the flea market style vendors. I was in heaven. After that she took me to the MIT chapel where she played piano and i did my best to find some peace.

Yesterday Joanna and I walked down to the Quincy Street Market and stopped in Quilter's Compass. She picked out a few fat quarters and I promised to make her some coasters.
I still haven't found much crafty motivation yet but I know it will strike soon. Tomorrow night we've got a Guild board meeting at Marie's. It will be nice to see everybody.

(*originally written 7/22, finally posted 8/2 when i could upload pics)

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