More from Mrs. Ito's collection

You know, it puzzled me. Why did she have piece after piece of kazaru mono (decoration pieces) and no bed quilts? The largest piece I saw was the brown sampler at the top of my last post, and that's not even twin sized.
As they were talking, Mrs. K would say things like, "oh, I remember that one" or "oh, have that one too." Apparently a lot of Mrs. Ito's works came from kits.
If she was buying them as she quilted, this would explain why she has four 22"x22" Baltimore album wall hangings and not one Baltimore album quilt. Hmm.
Anyway, it has been fun to admire all of her quilts again as I struggled with my aging laptop to upload them here and over at flickr. Thanks so much for all your kind comments. I couldn't possible have kept all this inspiration to myself you know.
Well, earlier today a funny thing happened. I got tagged. Now I have to find 7 random things to tell you about myself and 7 people that I can tag. Hmph, haven't done this for a while.
Give me a few minutes to think about that one...

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