Work in Progress Friday

This Friday, it's all about fans.
I love the fan block. When I first started to get really interested in quilting in high school, my little sister brought me a "Grandmother's fan" pattern back from her school fieldtrip as a souvenir. Of course I was way too inexperienced to try it then, but that's my first memory of the pattern. I have a great Japanese quilt book (Pathwork & Quilting, Vol 10. ) that focuses on only 3 patterns-- fans, hexagons, and orange peels. The pattern that I'm using for these blocks came from this book.
I enjoy the look of pieced curves, and after doing a bunch, I'm not that bad at them. But tonight for some reason I just couldn't get it right. Almost every single block has some wrinkle or pucker and they're driving me mad. I'm only making 8 blocks too and it's terrible to be so frustrated when I'm only half way through 8 blocks... but I will soldier on. I've got all the insides pieced, just need to attach them to the background corners. (all machine pieced, btw).

I think I need to stop for a while and pick them back up in the morning. Costas just called up that Psych is on. that's a good excuse to stop sewing. Hopefully I'll have better luck tomorrow.

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