Turning, Turning

Wow, I don't know what to say after such a full weekend. I need to let my thoughts settle a bit I guess, but I've got the time now and some fresh pictures, so I wanted to post anyway.

When I got to the Berkley Lions Hall at 10 yesterday, it was already more than full, and people were tracing away. The 3rd step of the project (first two were to piece blocks and put on border at home) was to trace a skewed square over each seam intersection. That took me more than an hour. Next, cut out (with scissors) along your drawn lines. You are left with little spacer squares of all of your fabrics, and the pattern says to make a border out of them, but I haven't decided if that's the route I'll take yet. After that, rotate each block a quarter turn.
Voila! stars appear! Before cutting, we put the tops on flannel backed vinyl table cloths, that way they would stay put as we rearranged them. After cutting, I took a break for lunch (the ladies were totally impressed with my fasolakia and the cranberry bliss bars), then spent the rest of the afternoon piecing.
I got all the rows pieced, but had to pack up before I could put them all together. Amanda's play started at 8 and I wanted time to bum around campus before then, so I left Berkley at 4pm. I really really love my quilt group. The ladies are so much fun. I know I should cut back on extra spending, but classes are too good to pass up. They are such wonderful social events, don't you think?

The last 24 hours at Smith were very satisfying for my soul. I've gotten to the point where a visit to campus really makes me feel re-affirmed as a woman. Amanda is a phenomenal woman to talk with, and I'm happy to see she's enjoying Smith as much as I did. Sometimes it's such a shock to learn that we have such similar outlooks on things, but we came about them in completely different ways. It's nice to feel close to another woman in my family.

Costas just got home from the grocery store and he's making dinner tonight. Lucky me. This weekend has been wonderful all around.


Peggy said...

FUN! I need to take a class sometime, I've never done it! I like the colors of the quilt.

Kathie said...

I love a get-together like this. You are absolutely right about it--quilting has been a fabulous way for me to make friends over the years.

jude said...

you look very happy sitting behind that machine!

amandajean said...

your quilt looks fabulous! I love the color scheme and the pattern.

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