Issues I own.

Quilts Japan:
9/2002, #_____, Sampler Quilts
5/2004, # 98, Floral Wreaths
9/2004, # 100, Message Quilts
11/2004, #101, Houses
5/2006, #110, Hawaiian Quilts
7/2006, #111, Birthday Quilts
9/2006, #112, Quilts Japan 20th Anniversary
11/2006, #113, Small items for Christmas

Patchwork Quilt Tsushin:
2/2001, #100, Threads for the 21st Century
10/2002, #110, Victorian Style
4/2004, #119, Sakura Quilts
8/2004, #121, Cut-out applique
8/2005, #127, Summer Workshop
6/2006, #132, Cafe au lait & Milk tea

Surprized I don't have more, especially surprized that i've got no Quilts Japan issues from 2005. I know I visited Kinokuniya in NYC that summer... if I find one I misplaced, I guess I'll just add it later.

(*Edit* I was quite perplexed at the missing 2005 issues, so I went back and read my old journal entries from the time. A-ha! in an entry dated 6/20/05 I wrote, "while i was galavanting around town i stopped for several hours in Kinokunia, and after talking myself out of buying several quilting magazines, i finally settled on two ESL books. " So there we have it. A chance to endulge in Quilts Japan wasted, and instead I purchased the two books that helped me create my ESL program. Not a bad trade off when I look back on it. If it weren't for this amazing job, I couldn't afford to buy more Quilts Japan...)

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