I love three day weekends~

Time for baking, time for quilting.
I even wrote a few letters, signed some slams,
caught up with an old friend, made a new one,
did laundry and started cutting pieces for a new quilt idea..

The cookie recipe can be found here. I made them for tonight's guild mtg, but of course I have to save a few for Costas. Too tasty. The floral print is the back of the WW quilt, I hope the stitching is visable. I'm almost done with the first round of quilting in all the center pink circles. I want to do more, but I've got to pace myself. My fingers are getting sore quickly with this one.


Peggy said...

Cookies look yummy!
Such beautiful stitching, very small!!! I understand about the fingers getting sore...

Kelli said...

sounds like a fabulous weekend!!

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

Cookies and quilting go hand in hand-just not on each other...smile. I envy your weekend.

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