Chicago's Winter Delights

In order to take advantage of Chicago's Winter Delights series, today I went to the grand opening celebration of the Stitching Salon. It was quite fun actually, tons of displays to enjoy and even a few hands-on projects such as a collaborative knitting project and yarn dying. The line to try the yarn dying was way too long for me, and I can't knit to save my life so I didn't think I'd be much use at the collaborative project, but I sure did like wandering around and taking it all in. There was a display of African-themed landscape quilts that were not exactly my style (raw edged machine applique/machine quilted), a case of cute softies made of vintage fabric and felted wool, and a case of tiny dresses made from stitched paint sample cards:
My favorite display by far was a collection of works by Danny Mansmith, who sews paper and fabric, making amazing decorative items and wall art. If the room wasn't so crowded, I would have liked to talk a little more with him. I'll definitly be browsing his website when I've got a chance.
Unfortunately, Quiltology's demonstration at the Stitching Salon isn't taking place until next weekend. I've decided to stop by the shop tomorrow to check it out anyway. If it's as amazing as I've heard, I'll be sure to write something about it. Quiltology happens to be only 3 blocks away from my cousin's condo, so after I've had my fill of fabric and inspiration, I'll dash off and have lunch with him, and then meet two alumna from Smith for tea. Yeah, tomorrow will be quite busy, but it should be worth it.
After Costas' first session this morning, we went to check out the Chicago Cultural Center. The top photo is of the ceiling on the second floor. Truly amazing. We were lucky enough to find an art exhibit as well, this installation of leaves on the floor, Carpet of Leaves, by Joan Backes really spoke to me.
This last photo is for Makiba.

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