I've got to leave for the airport in 2.5 hours.

as it stands, packing has been a nightmare and we have used absolutely every inch of possible space. the expandable suitcases have been expanded. There is one 6x6x9 corner reserved for toiletries which i can pack as soon as C is done with the bathroom (his gorgeous beard has been shaved.. :( ). My frustration comes from not having any satisfying quilt projects packed.

how did I let this happen?

All the while I thought I'd finish the winding ways top before we left and baste in on Grama's nice big livingroom floor. But as I've mentioned previously, December has not been a month of quilting. I've got 11 blocks left to piece and still never made up for the cutting mistake I made (cut 5 extra blocks worth of dark pink petals, leaving not enough washed fabric to cut the 3 or 4 dark pink corner pieces. argh). So yeah, that project, though fixable, is a mess. (frustration #1)

I've got the hawaiian wallhanging that I've been carrying around with me, and it's small, portable, and almost done (a few more days of quilting and I can put on the binding). Bad part-- I've been focused on that project alone for too many weeks and i think I got tired of it. You know? I just want to put it down for a few months and finish it in the spring or something. I'm not feeling the yellow & blue these days. Though if I work on it non stop for the next 24 hours, i could hypothetically have it done in time to give to A for Christmas, that's just not going to happen. (frustration #2)

What I really want to do is applique, but while I could work on the blue & white strawberry leaf UFO, I have been having so many good ideas for a tree-themed sampler-type thing, finding inspiration everywhere, and now I'm at the point where 2 days in my sewing room to choose fabrics/test things out is all I could ask for. Unfortunately, I'm down to 2.25 hours. (frustration #3)

It's great that inspiration struck right as I have vacation from work, but I still feel like my timing is all off. I want to be happy and relaxed in Chicago, with a steady project that I can pick up and put down while chatting or hanging out with the family. Over-inspiration is not what I need right now. What I do need is to calm down and finish packing. It will all be ok. Maybe I'll crochet a million tiny flowers or help my aunt learn how to crazy quilt. Things will work themselves out, but I just feel like I could have planned this better....

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mangetsu said...

Yes, crochet would be best in such a state. Mindless flower producing is so satisfying!
I guess we all know this feeling of having a million ideas in our heads, twenty unfinished projects in our closets and all are fighting against each other. In this case it's best to let all sink and do something different. Like celebrating Christmas ;-)
Have a good time, Jessica!

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