Quilters by the Sea Quilt show

There's a guild in Portsmouth, RI that has a quilt show every two years. I missed it the first year we were here, and I wonder if I would have joined the guild if I had gone. Portsmouth is only about 25 minutes from my house. The Silver City guild is only about 15-20 minutes away but it seems much closer, probably because I don't have to cross any bodies of water..

Anyway, the show was held in the community room of a church and it was much smaller than I expected. The way our guild talks about our upcoming show it sounds like it's going to be huge. I guess I wanted to get a feel for what these quilters are used to, but obviously this wasn't it. Surprizingly, I didn't know anyone there either. I thought for sure I'd run into one of the 70 Silver City members. Hmph.

I liked this show because they had a lot of handquilted quilts. This was my favorite:

Sunshine and Moonlight by Sandra Reynolds, Bristol, RI.

I made a new set over at flickr for quilts I've seen at quilt shows. I hate when people post pics of other people's quilts and aren't clear that they haven't made them themselves. I think it's great to share the inspiration though.

This was my first quilt show with vendors though (or, the first that I've been aware of), and I did manage to drop a bunch of money after I had finished looking around. For some reason I was drawn to batiks and I picked up these 4 half yards:

I have no idea what I'll do with them, and I haven't even been that much into brights lately, but for some reason they just looked too good to pass up. I also got a calendar of Susan McCord quilts. Sure, I already have the book, but to see them hanging on the wall all year, oh that'll be nice.

Well, I've been hard at work on the Postcard Stripe, and the binding's all sewn on. that was a pain in the neck though, maybe I'll save that story for another post. I've still got a bunch of pumpkin seeds to quilt on it though, that should keep me busy this weekend.

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catsmum said...

that purple batik is GORGEOUS but am I missing something here? Are we actually supposed to USE the fabric we buy? :]

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