Happy Friday~

I got a call from my dear friend Lexi tonight.. we hadn't talked in ages it seemed and it was good to catch up. We made tentitive plans for a mini quilt retreat at her father's ski house in Bethlehem, NH for the first week in November. I would love to go up there again-- it haven't been since... early 1999? (Lexi, remember when the car stalled in the mountains and your dad had to come help us. before that bit of drama, that had been a really wonderful day...) Hopefully work & life will sort themselves out in a way that we'll be able to sneak away for a couple of days.
She also mentioned the South End Open Market which I had never heard of and now I'm kicking myself that it's been going on every weekend since May and I didn't know. So, we're also planning to meet up there next weekend, yay for that.
After I got off the phone I found Costas playing guitar in the sewing room so I cut some more blocks for the winding ways quilt (that really needs a better name than "the winding ways quilt"..) and sewed a few together. I sang along while he played everything from Counting Crows' Mr. Jones to the Eagles' Hotel California. By request he played Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton, but he needs more practice to make it sound as romantic as I want it to be, hehe.

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