4-patch pincushion

two weeks ago i was browsing in Barnes & Nobel and I picked up BHG's American Patchwork & Quilting magazine, June 2006. I usually don't buy American quilt mags, but so many of the quilts in this one called to me. I doubt I'll make any of them, but I bought it so I could, should I ever have the chance.
This pincushion was displayed on the editior's picks page, made by Susan Gower. There were no instructions, only information on how to buy them from the artist directly, so I made my own version.
4 patch pincushion

and the side view
4 patch pincushion, side view

I made it with scraps from my stash, and it's stuffed with scraps of batting (making it rather lumpy, but i couldn't be bothered to go get my polyfil out of the attic). I wanted to make this because a) i thought it was cute, the size & shape were appealing, and b) there are so many pretty fabrics in my scrap tub and I never seem to find the right project to use them. c) i hate going back to work on Monday and feeling like I wasted the weekend when I could have made something.

anyway, it was super quick, I'll need to keep it in mind for presents in the future.


Katie said...

The pin cushion is totally cute. I bet it would make a great gift, if you made more. I'm always looking for ideas of different things I can make for gifts, as I don't want to repeat myself ;).

Anocas said...

So cute! Lovely*

Kyra said...

Enjoying visiting your blog - and learning about the projects like the pin cushion. Will you add an RSS feed or email alert feature so that one can automatically know when there's a new post?



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