Status Update

So Jake's quilt is quilted and the binding is partially on (this has become my new project to work on while George is in the bathtub.  Don't worry, I'm not a neglectful mother, the bathroom is very small).  I also basted the spiderweb quilt after struggling for what seemed like weeks over what to do about the backing.  It feels good to have that all sandwiched and folded up out of the way.  Quilting will start eventually, but i feel like a huge weight is off the design wall/sewing room floor now that both of those projects are at a more advanced stage before school starts (tomorrow!).  But now that I'm "done" with those two (well, not done, but you know what I mean) my fingers have been itching to piece something.  and I really didn't want to start any new quilts, heck, I'm taking a full course load this semester!  But that's just how my creative mind works.. so 2 nights ago I was pouring over pineapple photos and block patterns on the internet, and last night it was bear's paw.. I felt up for some intricate piecing.  Still not wanting to tackle a full sized quilt, this afternoon I found myself making a mug rug.  And then tonight I made another. 
Cute.  Satisfying. 
Now let's see if I can focus on school for a little while..

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