Three out of four ain't bad!

She called me up out of the blue last week and asked me for 3 colors. 
"blue, green & brown, that was easy"
not so easy actually as we proceded to have a discussion of exactly which green and what type of blue, as only quilt friends are clearly able to do over the phone.
It was a well-timed phone call actually, George was asleep and I was finishing stitching the binding down on my latest wall hanging, made spur of the moment and over 2 days.  Inspired by the generocity of a friend that is often too good to me. 
So I asked what her 3 colors would be. 
"Lime green, magenta, orange & royal purple"
Totally glad she gave me 4 because I hadn't used lime green at all..
And unlike her thoughtfulness, I hadn't thought to call ahead and ask what colors she wanted.. but that really wasn't something to get worried about.  It's easy to make something she likes when I'm sewing from her scraps already..
 The star centers, most of the background (except for the purple above), the sashing and all but one of the star points came from the accumulated scrap stash of 3 or 4 huge envelopes she has been sending me since this time last year.  The binding was left over from this quilt, with a bit of green thrown in.  The backing (and i had to really dig in the stash for a magenta backing) is from waaaaay back in ATL in '02, from Joann's, I think.  The quilting is my first attempt at freemotion meanders and while I'm not proud to show it off, I am proud to have overcome my fear of freemotion and actually try it.  I hope my novice stitches don't stand out too bad among the other beauties on her Mini Quilt wall..
(btw, we need a pic of that mini quilt wall.)

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makiba said...

I don't know anything about quilt but your quilt looks different lately. I like it.

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