Random quilt of Kindness

Sometimes friends can surprise you with overly generous random quilts of kindness.  This came from Shannon earlier in the summer (and I'm sorry I didn't post it until now!).  Aren't I lucky?
The magenta quilting shows up really nicely on the soft salmon pink of the back.  I currently have it hanging with this side showing to gear myself up for upcoming freemotion quilting..

I wonder if I'll have the courage to tackle pebble quilting in the next year?


Dee said...

This is beautiful, it reminds me of a Celtic cross-the colors and the piecing go perfectly with the quilting.

What a blessing to have friends like this!

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

Welcome HOME JESSICA! very cute little giftie you got! so cute of you and your wee boy too..

Anonymous said...

Great quilting!!!

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