Home is the most important place in the world.

thanks IKEA for reminding me.

Things have been different around here since my MIL came to stay with us at the start of February.  I'm definitely appreciating the help, but I'm not in any sort of pattern or routine anymore and this makes me a bit insecure and uncomfortable.  I just don't seem to be in control, and I'm not getting as much done as I used to.  Oh well, we all have trade offs, no?
I was thinking about it a bit more today as I started packing for our trip to Greece and I realized that when I'm home alone with George, I have a lot of things going on in my mind, but they're all figured out and in some sort of order.  When he's down for a nap (like now), I can run back and forth and mentally check things off my list, or sit down and physically check things off my paper to-do list (do you keep one?  I have a big notebook and whenever most of the things are crossed off, i start a new list.).  When I'm on my way here I'll drop that off, if I'm going upstairs, I'll take that with me.  If I go to check my email, I'll bring these cans to the recycle bin in the office.   If I'm paying bills I might as well sort some filing then too.  But this system of home organization often means that there's piles of stuff in places until my daily movements give me the chance to shuttle them to where they belong.  It works for me, but having someone else in the house has disrupted my balance a little.  I do more chatting and less shuttling.  The result- I bet she thinks my house is a mess!  Anyway..
So, I had intended to write this post last week and I have another post floating around in my head that I hope I can get written down before we board the plane on Thursday.  If not, maybe when I get back.  I went to a quilt show over the weekend.. lots to see, do, and think about.  I really want to share..
But George just got up and has come to find me, so I'll end now with a final house and thank Jen for turning me into a house-block addict.  I made this one for her month of the Rosey Little Bee.

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Anonymous said...

Will is always getting on to me because he hates that I pile stuff up when it needs to go somewhere else in the house. It's a good system and works well for me too! =)

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