30 is here, and it's really not all that bad....

I'm eating chocolate cake with PINK frosting.  yeah, i went a bit overboard with the red food coloring, but it's so much harder now that it comes in gel instead of liquid.  I had no idea how much I was adding..

The cake decorating did not go as I had planned.. i wanted a light pink base with little white flowers, but the flower tip was giving me trouble, so I ended up with little white peaks of loopy-ness.  I'm glad I'm not a professional or this totally would have ended up at cakewrecks..

George came with me in the morning to the grocery store for last minute cake-baking supplies, then he was going to help me mix the batter, but kept wanting to stick his fingers in it.  He succeeded in grabbing a handful of frosting right out of the tub, but that wasn't so bad once I taught him how to lick it off his fingers. We got my parents & sister on Skype so everyone could sing "happy birthday" together and that was really cool.  Costas bought me flowers and took me to a movie (YES, we actually got a babysitter and went out without George!)  After the babysitter texted that George was sleeping, we strolled around the mall and took purikura (for the first time in 8 years..).

A good day, definitely.  Now I'm debating between quilting a bit or just heading to bed.  Maybe I can applique just one circle on the new quilt I started...


Lesly said...

Happy birthday, Jessica! Your cake looks delish! When you have a family like that, 30 isn't so bad at all!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! The 3-decade was GREAT! Enjoy! And I thought your cake was awesome, it made me smile.

Peggy E.

Joey said...

Happy Birthday Jessica! Wish I could give a b-day greeting in person, especially since you were around for my 30th this year...maybe I'll make it down there soon!
FYI - whenever Andrea is on my computer she looks for the link to your blog and drools over your quilts :0) I do read and watch George grow! Can't wait to see him again!

inkywu said...

Happy Birthday!!!
So glad you had a great day. The cake look totally cute and yummy.
And I love how your purikura turn out.
Yay George! Icing IS the best part. :}

Dee said...

Many Happy Returns of the Day! (belatedly)

The cake is gorgeous...will a piece ship to me? Oh wait, maybe not since I'm a shrinking, not expanding, quilter! lol

Love the colors of your new quilt and I'm so enjoying getting to know your family!

amber-dawn-a said...

Happy Birthday!

What new quilt is this???

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