So it's done.  Quilted, bound and washed, and has found a cozy spot on the living room couch where it has spent the week keeping us warm, making us happy, and even working out as the roof for our "spilitsa" (little cave).  I finished what used to be my oldest UFO.


Lesly said...

That is some UFO! It must feel wonderful to finally get that finished, and it's so pretty, too! 1994 is a long time to have one kicking around. And I love your quilting on it - it's the effect I was going for on the one I just finished, but yours is so much nicer. Congratulations on a wonderful finish!

Dee said...

I'm thinking this is almost like giving birth! LOL What a lovely, snuggly, I'm very sure will be much loved and used quilt!

Thanks for sharing with us! Can't wait to start a little block to be sent a little way along to your house!

Merry Christmas and all of God's richest blessings to you and yours!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

YEAH WOO HOO!! Congratulations! It looks wonderful and it can be used for so many things...making a hide-away, picnic blanket, or something to throw over your legs while watching TV... Brilliant.

So can I be really cheeky and ask..what's your oldest UFO now? :o)

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