two weeks from saturday...

i'll be 30.  And what will I do with my 30th year?  Heaven only knows.  (wait, isn't this my 30th year?  and from 30 to 31 is actually my 31st year?)
I do hope to quilt a lot though.  Actually, I have lots of plans for quilts in the new year (or, for as soon as this damn semester is over..), and maybe even a Quilting Bee?  Lesly mentioned one and I said I'd join.  Losing weight and quilting?  Both worthwhile endevors, no?

And then today I received a nice thick package in the mail from Amy.  (Thanks Amy!!)

About a million bright squares.  (i'll count them soon, and spend hours pouring over them and their possibilities, but not before the final exam i have tomorrow..).  At first glance, I've already spotted some favorites.

(what are these, pen nibs?)

At the library yesterday I picked up a few new-ish looking quilt books (and requested Material Obsession #1 via interlibrary loan, score!).  There's a pattern in this one that might work perfectly for the stack of squares..

Have you read any good quilt books lately?  I really want to see what else I can get through interlibrary loan.  Oh, and Amber is in the market for a new sewing machine so I thought I'd pool my readers: 
  • What type of sewing machine do you use?
  • Do you like it?
  • What's its best feature?
  • If you were going to upgrade, what would you get?
All comments will be helpful.  Thanks~


YOCCHI said...

Jess, give me some tips to complete a prohject.
I have tried lots of thing for knetting, but never completed. I always gave up on the half way...

Anonymous said...

I have a husquvarna classica 90. It is over ten years old and sews just straight stitch and zig zag. I love,love,love my husky. It has sewn millions of miles of thread and keeps on sewing with just maintenance needed here and there.
I would definitely purchase another husquvarna product. they are quality products for sure.
Dawn in MA

Patty Ashworth said...

First, you really need to get over the whole number thing of your birthday. I'm 56, and just dont' care about the age. After having many friends and family members die or just "fade away", a birthday is here to be happy about and love the fact you can keep going!!!
Next, I went from a Singer Gennie to a Janome 4000. Many more decorative stitches, but I don't seem to use them much. Look for a clear cover over the bobbin so you can see how much thread is still there. See if there is a button to have the needle stop in either the up or down position. And if you sew alot of seams with the 1/4" seam, get that foot that helps with that. Go into a shop and bring in the threads that you use and try them on fabrics you play with. If it doesn't work, and the people there can show you how to adjust the machine, then it's time to leave that store. Machines will need cleaning and repairs, so make sure the shop you get your machine from can have it serviced. Patty in TN

ParisMaddy said...

So much to comment on: Happy Birthday to you. It is just a number but enjoy them before you get into the triple digits.

Good luck with your studies. What are you studying?

I have a Pfaff Creative 2124 and before that I had a basic Brother machine from Costco that was a total work horse. I'm not in love with the Pfaff as it's missing some of the features I thought I wanted. I should have gotten the Bernina as they seem to have a better website and more freebies/patterns etc.,. I would go try different models out and really play without the sales people lurking.

Like your fabric squares a lot.

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