How do you get it all done?

An argument about priorities caused me to be very productive tonight. After putting George to bed (at 10 pm) I mopped the floor, took a shower and ironed 5 shirts. Afterwords I took the iron upstairs and sewed for an hour.
I had not had an especially easy or relaxing day-- We did storytime at the library and snacks at the mall and while George alternately napped and played with the babysitter I spent 4 hours researching and putting together a presentation for class on Thursday. I'll admit I did waste an hour zoned out in front of stupid TV (Cake Boss) but I felt I had gotten a lot done today-- before the argument.
So I must ask all of you more experienced wives and mothers: How do you make yourself do it all? Yes, it's not a question of finding the time or the energy, I think the reason I don't get it all done is that I can't force myself to do it. What do you think? All comments welcome, thanks.


The Calico Cat said...

I gave up on even trying to "get it all done." Heck I doubt that I get half of it done. I blame my job first & formost. (I my dream life, I would be a SAHM & all of the cleaning, cooking, etc. would get done.) I am not livin da dream, so I "make" my husband do a lot. (I am a meanie like that.) Also I like to sleep too much - it is rare that I am not in bed by 9 - Jacob is in the crib near 8.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Get it all done? You must be joking! LOL

I must admit that I do tend to do more active chores when my DH is home so it looks like I'm busy and then do more sedentary things when he's not...is that cheating? Perhaps, but it keeps those "arguments" to a minimum.

Pam said...

I'm not any more experienced than you are, but I'll add my 2 cents. I don't even try to get it all done. Maybe 1/2 of it? Or 1/4? Since we had our daughter, I've really lowered my expectations. Right now I'm really just focusing on enjoying my time with her and doing my best to have fun and enriching experiences with her because I know she won't be young for very long. It helps that I don't care about the house being very clean (and I have cleaners who come every two weeks, so I'm totally spoiled. Outsourcing whatever you can -- that's one way to get more of it done!) Also, one thing that has saved my sanity is that my husband and I divide up "baby duty" on the weekends. We still help each other out, spend time together as a family, etc., but we each are officially on duty 1/2 of each weekend day. Whoever is on duty is the one responsible for the baby and takes care of meals, diapers, naps, entertainment, etc., and the other can do whatever they need/want to. It's been so huge for me to have 2 chunks of time on the weekends when I can tackle big projects, get a haircut, spend time reading or sewing -- all the things I can't do during the week. It's made an enormous difference for me, and I think it's been good for my husband to be the one "in charge" of the baby some of the time. So that's one strategy that's worked for us.

PJ said...

First off, I Love your 'about me' picture :) I have to chuckle..as I'm about to 'lose' one of my kids in about 6 mos. (to college or military) and my baby is an 8th grader. It freaks me out. My mind is going back to the time when they were babies...precious time (yes very tiring) I remember always thinking, 'one day they will be gone and I'll have the time for everything' now that they are usually off and about in their current life- I have that time and it's 'down right depressing'! So, I'm having the opposite problem.. One idea I can offer- a very simple one: -It's OKAY not to get everything done- because in the end it really doesn't matter. The simple walk in the park is waaaaaaay more important and what you will remember. The quiet time on the couch with your baby on your chest ..doing nothing. Sure, there are things that you MUST get done (like your presentation), but the other stuff? it can wait...and it WILL! I don't look back and think of that certain laundry load that I should have done when I was watching tv for an hour for sanity..somehow I don't remember those times. I just can remember when she would line her cars up just right at 2 yrs old... so, really, don't make yourself...you clearly get a lot done anyway! Sorry my comment was so long..jut Be gentle with yourself.

carrster said...

I was going to say the same thing as the others...."get it all done?" what is that? That hasn't happened since before Dahlia's arrival. Ya do what you can...that's the new "all."

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