Pulling in all together

Isn't it cool when you cross things off your "to do" list faster than you thought you would? I have been pretty productive in the last two weeks-- a mega-trip to the post office including 2 quilts to 2 long armers (ok, well I just sent new backing fabric to shannon, she already had the top), phone calls and apointments are all taken care of, textbooks are purchased, school stuff is in order, and..I finished these two pillows for my cousin's dorm room:

Foundation pieced, no quilting, but very cute with lots of sentimental fabrics, like the green raccoons that my grandmother (?) made into dresses for her 6 daughters, and the green giraffes that became pants for our cousin in high school. If she ever asks, I can tell her the story of all these fabrics.. that's just the kind of quilter I am. :)

Well, this post has been sitting in my drafts pile for too long, I could say more but time to post is limited. I start classes again tonight, wish me luck!

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Libby said...

Love the green raccoons...that is too great. Good luck with classes; I hope all went well.

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