April 1

I didn't finish anything (wisps or otherwise) in March, but I did start not one, but TWO new projects. I'd like to call them quilts, but with my uncertain sewing schedule I don't know how far I'll get with them. The coin quilt progressed rather quickly.. here are the strips laid out on the bed in the guest room (hey, no one's living upstairs, why not take over the entire second floor with quilting?). I've got 2 more coin strips to piece-- both are already stuck up on the design wall, just waiting for a chance to be sewn together. I could go up and work on that now actually, seeing as George went to bed early tonight, but I want to post a full update first.

As I was going through fabrics for the coin quilt I kept coming across these great dark blue batiks that I had cut up for another project long forgotten (a block swap from 2003). I have an odd number of 6.5" and 3.5" blocks already cut, and about 1/4 yard left of 4 fabrics. I decided to bite the bullet and try to make geese, finally, from this tutorial that Jan mentioned here (yeah, some 16 months ago.. did I really wait that long?).
They came out pretty good, but I realized that my machine's foot is wobbly and that's part of the reason I can't get a consistent 1/4" seam. Anyway, I think I'll use up the rest of my batik squares and pull together a lounging throw (EQ snapshot forthcoming), if time (and motivation) allows.

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Libby said...

All those blues and greens are so lovely together - it's a great look. Keep having fun; that's the important thing!

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