And the discussion continues..

I guess I took too long to post my next discussion question, because Shannon posted one of her own:

what is trendy in your LQS (local quilt shop) or guild and do you like the trend?

Hmm... I do have a local quilt shop, less than a mile away, which is the closest I've ever lived to a quilt shop, but I haven't been there since before George came along so I don't really consider it my quilt shop yet. And since I've been in NY I haven't joined a guild yet either, so no wonder I was so happy to get to the quilt show this weekend, I guess I'm really out of the loop..

At the LQS they seem to be really big on kits. If this is a trend, I can say I'm not a big fan. I love using my own stash and coming up with my own quilt ideas though I may be heavily influenced by quilts I've seen online or in person. the idea of putting together a quilt that someone else has designed and chosen the fabrics for (and often, the patches are already cut out) while easy, it seems like half of the fun has been sucked out of it. I don't know, that's just how I feel now.

If you want to answer the question, just let Shannon know, k?

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Anonymous said...

I agree. the fun is in choosing the colors and fabrics and making it your own.

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