Unpacking, part 1

I went upstairs to the guestroom closet where we have stuff from our old linen closet stored in a still semi-unpacked state. I was looking for a new toothbrush (I always stock up on toothbrushes when they're on clearance).
I found one, and then I came upon some lip gloss, and some more lip gloss, and then Carmex, lip balm, lip naturals, Savex, Blistex, and the list goes on. the photo with notes is over here on flickr.

I quickly scoured the house for the ones I'm currently using to add to the pile before the photo shoot, and this is how many I had lying around, minus the one kept in the stroller and one in the medicine cabinet. I didn't empty purses and coat pockets, but I'm sure I've got a few more in there too. An addict? Maybe. A collector and connoisseur? Definitely.

1 comment:

The Calico Cat said...

I'm with ya on the lip suff - but I stick to the "medicated" stuff. I just like how it feels...

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