Fixing up the place

Aunt Chris and Uncle Mike came to help us fix up the inside of the house.

It wasn't like typical relatives "helping out" who might pitch in during an afternoon or a weekend, they flew out from Chicago and stayed (and worked) for 9 days. I love them!!!
We had in mind a few big projects that needed their assistance, but once they got here and saw the place, they came up with a bunch more projects that we hadn't even thought of, and now, the house looks great! (or, atleast much much better than it did when we moved in. it's old, it will always need more work).

A short list of all they accomplished:

On the Outside
New doorbell & outdoor light
painted front door
painted mailbox

Front Room
painted all the walls
caulked the baseboards

painted the walls
installed a light over the sink
put knobs on all the cabinets

Baby's Rm
painted the walls and trim
repaired holes in the walls & ceiling
cut and laid new carpet
helped me build furniture

Upstairs Bath
ripped out the glass shower doors
ripped out the ugly old caulk
re-caulked tub
put up decorative tiles

Guest Rm
removed/consolidated unpacking clutter
set up the futon

and after all that, they still had time to:
-help us get estimates for remodeling the downstairs bath & putting in new bow windows.
-teach me how to use power tools.

-go thrifting (Yay).
-go to the beach.
-and spend time in NYC as real tourists.

It was like an HGTV special, only better. I so wish they didn't live a 2 hour flight away...

(come back soon Chris & Mike!!!!)


PJ said...

Looks like some major NESTING work going on! Looks great! Love the light colors :)

Anonymous said...

The house sounds great! Are the two of you three yet? Hope your delivery goes as smoothly as your home remodeling did. Love, Aunt Nancy

Carolien said...

How wonderful your aunt and uncle did this for you! It's impressive what they've accomplished in these days ... enormous!!! Have fun in your 'new house'.

Greetings, Carolien

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