Scrap frustration

So my last post was all scrap-happy and cheerful, but it was written before I did the actual washing and drying of that mountain of scraps.. let me tell you, after 3 days of ironing and clipping threads off of 2” strips and 2.5” squares, I was not so cheerful.
But I was really happy to have sorted them all by color, because then when I sorted them by size, I’ve got really pretty stacks of lights to darks. I think it will be easier to use them now.

I don’t know about you, but when I see small pieces of fabric I get so much more inspired than when I look at yardage on a bolt. While ironing I’d see two or three that went together and think, “man, that’d make a cute placemat” or “don’t I need a little pouch in those colors?” I guess I still suffer from some anxiety related to cutting into large squares/rectangles of fabric. It’s ok, I like being a scrap quilter. You rip it up, I’ll make something out of the tiny pieces.

I absolutely love when things like this:

Become things like this:
I joined the two pieces of TQ#2 this week and now there’s a total of 131 stars.
Some days I speed along on this project, other times I feel bored by the repetition. I ordered a 3rd set of Quilt Patis diamonds so I can get a larger variety of stars made before deciding where to place them. Maybe that will help on the days I struggle with this.


The Calico Cat said...

I love the one star with a white background!

amandajean said...

I was nodding my head when I read what you wrote about scraps, that you'd rather make a quilt with them than to cut into yardage. that's me, too!!! that quilt is quite stunning!!!

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