Baby quilts

I read a great post over at Meet Me At Mikes yesterday (by way of whip up) about starting a blog and what a blog should have.. it got me thinking. I’m not writing here much these days for a bunch of reasons, but the biggest excuse is poor internet connection. For a while I wasn’t feeling crafty or creative, and I wasn’t making anything, so I felt I didn’t have anything “good” to post about, but the Mikes post reminded me that it’s my blog, and my thoughts are important.
Makiba keeps telling me i should be writing pregnancy notes in a journal because I’ll want to remember all the little stuff later. I think about it, but writing there hasn’t happened yet either. Maybe after a semester writing papers and exams for grad school I feel all written out.
Doesn’t hurt to just jot down what’s been going on though.. During finals last month I chose, washed, cut & ironed fabric for the baby quilt. I decided to go with the pattern "Plain Spoken" from Ringle & Kerr’s Modern Quilt Workshop. My stash is totally lacking in solids though, so I just used all the neutral (gender neutral, I mean) fabrics I had set aside for the baby. I don’t know, somehow I just felt I should exclude all the floral prints.
Anyway, with sewing a few blocks/strips here and there, it went together in no time. At first I felt a little self-conscious because after reading the color choice notes for "Zipper", I realized I didn’t have enough medium tones in there. I just go straight from light to dark in a lot of places. My confidence was jarred again when Costas said he didn’t like it, that he was thinking of something more “babyish” with pastels and teddy bears (teddy bears?!?!?). So I went back to the drawing board (or, over to flickr to browse my favorites). These were some of the contenders.

But I finally settled on this one by Carolyn (fabric she sent me made it into the first quilt, btw. Thanks again Carolyn~). Simple, babyish, I headed out to Ann’s Fabric & Sewing Machine center in Canton that same day after work. It was a bit strange to walk into a quilt store with the intention of buying fabric after I have so diligently been using only stash since November (well, mostly). And not just “buying fabric” by rummaging through the scrap bin and picking through remnants like I usually do; I went in to buy yardage. I wandered around, pulled bolts off the shelves, stacked them up, took a few steps back, changed my mind, rearranged…The shop staff was very helpful, but I was looking for something specific that I couldn’t quite communicate to her. In the end I settled on 9 prints, mostly from Kumiko Sudo’s Shiki line for In the Beginning, and took a quarter yard each. I made it out of there for about $20.
It was so nice to have new fabric. Like, new as in spring colors with 2008 printed on the selvage. After it was washed and ironed, I just laid it out on the futon and looked at it for a few days.
I think it was this past weekend that I started cutting, and I pieced most of it this past Wednesday. It’s nice. Soft and sweet, totally looks like a baby. In between the ironing and cutting though, I went back and finished piecing & basting the first quilt, and once it was together and I started quilting, I liked it much more. So now I’m working on two baby quilts, for this kid who should make an appearance in 19 and a half weeks or so. I’m happy, and it gives me something to do when I wake up at 3 in the morning with pregnancy heartburn.
By the way, we found out Wednesday, it’s a boy.


amandajean said...

I loved seeing all the quilts you linked to. and I like both of your baby quilts in progress. it's fun to see the plain spoken done in printed fabrics.

KathieB said...

A boy! How wonderful. Enjoy this wonderful time of your life.

Zegi said...

Ugh, the heartburn part is not fun. But a boy! How terrific! Congratulations :)

carolyn said...

both quilts look great. :)

Rachel said...

For some reason I thought it was going to be a girl. But maybe that's why you were gravitating to stronger colours in the first quilt even without knowing. And Costas will get to teach him all about soccer. ;^)

Both quilts look beautiful, he's lucky to have such a talented mommy! xoxo

Leila said...

I like the first quilt AND the second quilt. They're both very well-composed.

I hear that a lot of heartburn means that your baby will have a lot of hair. With my friends' baby was this ever true! He had a FULL head of hair from the get-go.

Thanks for sharing your great quilts!

Marley said...

a boy!! Congrats!! Both of those quilt patterns are gorgeous--I love the blue and green tones. When are you moving here so I can see your baby bump??

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