Thursday Thank yous

(detail of log cabin quilt made by my great grandmother. see more pics here)
November first, huh? This means I've got to start blogging every day. Me and everyone else. I have a feeling a lot of people will be spending too much time at their computers this month.

I want to start something new on this blog, maybe just for the month, maybe longer. On Thursdays I'll be posting about things I'm thankful for, and giving shout outs to people I want to thank. I want to spend more time appreciating the good things, and also letting people know how they have touched my life.
Today I'm thankful for:
+Grama K, who called to include me on a special family project (and also filled me in with the latest news);
+Aunt Ellen, who believes in my passion for quilting and material objects, sends me inspiration in the mail, constantly encourages my creative side, and who taught me a lot about growing up;
+Grama H, who called to tell me she found her old Irish passport and other important docs for my Irish Citizenship application; and
+AH, who after months and months of struggling with English has finally gotten into a grove with learning and is progressing so much now (I'm soooo proud of her!!).

More next week. Now back to quilting...

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