Happy Diwali~

Tonight Costas surprised me with tickets to the Diwali celebration at his university. The only fun cultural things in our social life lately have been Greek or Japanese, (oh, and a Jamaican dinner last weekend), so a night of Indian music and dancing was a real treat. While this is not a holiday Costas and I usually celebrate, it was awesome to be a part of the Umass students' celebration. The music and dance performances were highly entertaining, and educational, and the food... oh man. I always forget how much I love Indian food until I'm shoveling it into my mouth like a wild animal. (sorry, but it's true). These decorations were on display in the foyer of the auditorium. I love the picture of the woman done in flower petals.
We spent most of the day exploring Bristol, RI, while my car was getting serviced. It's a lot cuter than we had imagined. After walking around the downtown area for a while, we headed for the Beehive Cafe and settled in to what is becoming our weekend routine-- I quilt while he grades homework. We do this at home too, but it's nice to have a change of scenery. Overall we were very impressed by Bristol and now we're searching for reasons to move there (one of C's favorite daydreams-- moving). It's definitely worth the drive to hang out there again.

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