This is me before I went to work this morning, happily modeling skirt #3.

I don't know what's gotten into me, but i really enjoy wearing clothes I've made myself. Maybe this all seems strange to me because for so long I was making flat things, and quilting them and enjoying them, but not getting to take them out of the house or keep with me all day (or show them off). It's nice. I guess this is how knitters feel all the time.

Well, as usual I'm worrying a bit too much about packing. Sure, I've got wardrobe confidence, but somehow I think I'll feel better if I take every article of clothing I own, just in case. But I was so happy and comfortable with my light packing job in April, I'd like to repeat it if I can..
It would help if C would get home and figure out what he's bringing, then I could get a better idea of how much room I'll have in the suitcase. Until then I might sew a little more.


corry said...

that skirt looks perfect, great job!!

rose said...

great skirt! and i know what you mean about liking wearing things you've made... sewing is also so much faster and more rewarding than knitting!

Marisa said...

This skirt is SUPER cute. Nice construction. I'm inspired.

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

Oh that makes me want to sew a skirt. Lovely job. I like your style. There's nothing wrong with not making quilts. I think quilters like to make tote bags so much because it's something they can show off while outside. We have the skills, it's nice to be noticed-whether people realize we made it or not!

Supermom said...


I am starting a quilt swap in the near future. If interested, please visit my blog for more details:


Would love to have you join!

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