Just a peek

I'm back~I've got some 375+ pictures to sort through and I'm still wicked jet lagged, but

here's a sneak peek of some of my adventures before I go to bed... (pic 1) Selfportrait at Makiba's house in Tokyo. (pic 2) one of Mrs. Ito's quilting projects. (pic 3) fabric at Kanariya in Sapporo. (pic 4) in my house slippers.
So much to say, but i'll need a bit of time to organize my thoughts. Many thanks for all the good wishes on my last post. Makiba had internet access and posted pics from our arrival here. I'll be back with more soon...


Sarah Jayne said...

Can't wait to hear and see what you got up to.

Peggy said...

Welcome home!

PJ said...

Woo-hoo! I can't wait to hear!!! Esp. the quilt/fabric part ;)

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