weekend weekend~

Mariko is coming over tonight to try out some crafts. I know she has the sashiko kits like the placemats she gave me, but I don’t know what else she might bring. I really should call her and confirm. I had invited a handful of girlfriends for a craft night, but Rico was the only one available, and she plans to bring her boyfriend. This may turn into a double date, I hope the guys end up getting along.

In the middle of the week I was really captivated by this post and subsequently this tutorial. I just had to try it. I was too excited to even try to get a “before” picture, so please just try to imagine this as a frumpy long-sleeved pajama-y top that I bought in the late ‘90s, back when nothing was supposed to fit properly because I was too busy "thinking" and "being," having been over influenced by grunge in my youth… anyway, since then I have learned to look and to realize that people may be looking at me too. So glad I’ll have this cute top to wear out and about this summer.
It was amazingly easy to put together and now I have great hopes of cutting up the rest of the outdated button-down shirts in my closet. I may even need to run to the thrift store to see if I can score some cute prints.
But for now I’m of to Newport, RI to.. get an oil change. I think I’ll wander over to Marshalls while I wait and browse their luggage section. With all this traveling I’ve got planned, I’m in need of a new carry-on.

Other things on today’s agenda include:
Study Greek.
Do laundry.
Call L, M, & H.
Enjoy the good weather.

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