Barbie in Heaven

I was browsing the flickr quilts and quilting pool earlier in the week and came across these 5 pics that took my breath away. When I played with Barbies, they never had this much fun.
And Ken used to complain about Barbie's shoe collection... Isn't this absolutly amazing? Caroline makes quilts and miniatures, and this combination is truly impressive.
If this were an actual quilt shop, I'd be there every day.
I could pour over the details in this shop for hours. Actually, I'm sure I probably will. I am so grateful to Caroline in The Netherlands for allowing me to post these pics and link to her flickr page. Of course I wanted to share this masterpiece with other quilters, but I also wanted to preserve it somewhere safe so I can come back and catch a glimpse to lift my mood anytime.


caroline said...

Oh boy I wish I was Barbie! Something I never thought I would hear myself say -ever.

PJ said...

This is just awesome! I RSS'ed (is that a word?) your blog...loved it!

Jennifer said...

Unbelievable! The wall of fabric is one of the cutest parts. I'll take one yard of everything, please. I agree--would love to visit that shop every day.

Anonymous said...

Ok that is so cool I love that mini shop I wish I could buy it if I had the money I would give you like $100-$500 if I had it!!! Love it and wish I had it!!!


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