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I'm here, very busy, but also quite wonderfully inspired.
life seems to be moving so fast this month. I have really good ideas but no time to get them down on paper (or, into EQ I mean). I spent half of the long weekend up in the White Mountains with Makiba and took 100+ pictures of beautiful foliage, amazing landscapes, and even some moose~
We went to a really nice quilt shop in Lincoln, NH (name escapes me atm) and the new line of Debbie Mumm Christmas fabrics is so adorable. I'm usually not one for cheesy seasonal prints, but anything with little deer will win me over eventually. I also mapped out the Christmas wall hanging I've been thinking about. I should be able to put it into EQ even though i have yet to play around with non-traditional block layouts. I'm really longing for some time alone in the sewing room, last week some time I brought the laptop downstairs in the living room and while that means I can go online and be with Costas while he watches TV at the same time, it's just not the same as having the computer and the fabric all in the same place. Hmm.

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