Fat Mail Saturday

Yesterday was an awsome mail day. In the morning I ran to the post office to pick up my package from Lucia. It had been waiting there for a few days but because of my work schedule I could never get there before it closed. Oh Lucia, the things you send are amazing! I love every single one! Check this out:

After seeing my postage stamp collection here , Lucia offered to send me some stamps from China & Norway (two countries very underrepresented in the collection, until now :) ). She sent a package full of stamps along with several Norwegian collectors series sets. As if that weren't enough, I also found this little doll tucked inside:

I was amazed by her little clothing and carefully crafted shoes. I'm thinking of making her a hat, but the prospect of making something so tiny is daunting. Really, she's perfect.

And all of this sweet floral and vintage fabric. the orange and blue prints are incredible. I need to find a special project for them. The other florals will fit in nicely with my stash. OMG Thanks Lucia!!!!

When you get such an amazing package, you don't expect to be so lucky for atleast a few weeks, so I was almost in shock when at 11:00pm Costas brings in the mail after we got home from the movies, and there's another package for me. It came from my college friend Sara who is one of the best at cheering people up when they're down. She said she'd send me some underwear, but she also threw in all these other goodies:

Swap from Sara

tons and tons of freebies that she got I don't know where. my favorite is this little keychain. I told Costas it's my Panathinaikos key chain, because of the shamrocks. hehe.

Panathinaikos key chain

So this weekend I feel very happy and quite relaxed. Friday night I went to Ikea with Makiba and made a large purchase, which I spent most of yesterday afternoon putting together. I'm excited about it, there is potential for it to have a positive effect on my quilting life. Details to follow...


catsmum said...

jessica can you explain the "panathewhatsits" comment about the keychain and the shamrocks? pretty please? with sugar?

catsmum said...

me again Jessica.
Thanks for the answer ... I couldn't work out what such an obviously Greek sounding word had to do with Shamrocks... well that part of it is still a bit obscure ... but now I know!
You probably should tell everyone else too. I can't be the only ignorant one, surely.

Anonymous said...

Oh, jessica, I am just so happy that you like the package :) I've been a bit nervous that it might get lost on its way :) Can't wait to see more on your blog. keep in touch:=)

carolyn said...

What wonderful packages and I just saw your stamp collection. One of my sons used to collect stamps he still has them including his Great Grandma's albumn which she started 70 years ago!

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