the last guild mtg. of the year

So my second visit to the Silver City Guild was just lovely. The bag auction was fun--- there was a lot of laughter and I actually ended up bidding on something (possible photos in the future, if I ever have the chance to take pics of things in daylight). Rena didn't end up joining me; Angeliki said she was too insecure about the language barrier. Hmm.. i suppose this means my Greek needs to improve so I can bring quilting to crafty Greek ladies in the future. now there's a realistic goal I might find motivation to achieve.

The next guild mtg. won't be until the end of September, but the president is holding a meeting next month to try and get things organized well in advance for our first quilt show next spring. I introduced myself after the meeting and told her I'm interested in helping out. I'm always hesitant to volunteer for things outside of work because work takes up so much of my time, but a quilt show, I'll make time for that. And now I've got that meeting to look forward to as well. I brought C's wall hanging to quilt during the meeting and that felt pretty good. I was the only one quilting but I did get a few nice comments on it. Oh, last night I ended up putting a1.5" border on with the blue clamshell fabric-- I reversed it so that it appeared darker and I really like how it turned out. The quilting is going very quickly and I bet i could be done soon if I only focused a bit more.
I'm pooped for tonight though.. I only have enough energy to check on my new dehumidifier, take tomorrow's work clothes out of the dryer, and plop into bed.

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