finding crafters where I'd least expect it..

i was happy to get home so early today (before 6) and so i hurried outside onto the deck to try quilting in the new comfy swivel-rocker deck chairs while the light was still good. Our nextdoor neighbor, Priamos, and his Yiayia Rena were outside too. Rena is visiting from Greece because Angeliki is due in about 2 weeks with her second child. I've met Rena a few times before, but we don't talk much because then I didn't speak greek and she only speaks a little English. But now, especially when Costas isn't around to hear it, I'm not shy about speaking Greek to Priamos, and other people who don't speak English (i'm wierd about that.. if someone's English is better than my greek, then I stick to English. it's the same with Japanese. anyway). As soon as I came out on the deck, Priamos was coming up our stairs. He's so adorable. I let him sit with me as I quilted, and then Rena went back into the house and came out with a shopping bag. When I looked up again, I saw she was embroidering something.


I was surprized and happy to see this. Her daughter, my neighbor, is about my age but doesn't seem interested in handicrafts at all. I asked Rena, in Greek, what she was making. She held it up and i couldn't really tell what it will be-- maybe a table runner? or cloth that will be made into a pillow? I didn't go over to their porch to give it a closer look, but she's not going anywhere for a few weeks, so I'll ask her about it again. She also taught me the word for scissors, but i forgot it already. eh.

Hmm. I only got two lines of quilting in before it got chilly and I could feel my eyes strain. Tomorrow night I've got plans, and Saturday is the festival at work, but maybe Sunday? The swivel-rockers are really nice though, I'm glad we have them. So far, they're the most comfortable quilting chairs we have at this house.

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