finding a new home

i've had my online journal at livejournal for 5 years. i won't even call it a "blog" because (1) i find this to be a silly word that have trouble using, and (2) it has always been my "lj." I started it right before i left college, and a bunch of other women in our house got ljs then too. through the years we've been able to keep in touch even though ALL OF US had scattered around the globe, and moved multiple times since then. eventually, a lot of my family members got ljs too, and keeping in touch with them online has been so important to me.

why am i writing this?
well, recently i have found a lot of new crafty people through flickr.com, and all of their pictures have links to their blogs. these blogs are totally different than lj... people write totally different stuff, in a totally different style. and their pictures, blogs, and handmade everything truly inspire me. so i want to try it too.

thanks for stopping by.

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